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Arrangement of Inspection

For the licensing of new premises, the applicant will be required to arrange for an inspection of the new premises by MOH when the premises and facilities are operationally ready. Normally, a lead-time of about one to two weeks (depending on the type of licences) is required after the on-site inspection, to allow for processing, administrative checks and confirmation of compliance with licensing requirements before a licence is issued provided all required documents are submitted. For medical clinic licence, the approval of licence usually takes about 3 working days or lesser, after the inspection and full compliance with licensing requirements. If there are deficiencies which need to be rectified, the approval process will take a longer time.

In order to assist applicant to check whether the new clinic premises is operationally ready for inspection, we have prepared the following checklist items. Please read through and ensure compliance with all the checklist items before you proceed to arrange with MOH for an appointment to inspect your new clinic premises.

Checklist items to confirm that my clinic premise is operationally ready for the scheduled inspection date

Fees and Documents

1. I have successfully paid the licence fees for my clinic application.
2. I have submitted all the necessary documents to MOH :
a. Floor Plan of the new premise
b. ACRA Company Profile, if the licensee is a company registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
c. A copy of the authorization (letter) from Company Director or CEO of the company, with all the company director's signatures authorising a particular person to liaise with MOH on all licensing matters.
d. A copy of the Fire Safety Certificate (Under Section 20 of the Fire Safety Act, no person shall occupy or use any building unless a fire certificate authorising such occupation or use is first obtained from the Fire Safety & Shelter Department (FSSD)).
e. Photographs of the consultation room, showing the "wash sink" fitted in the room and the reception area/premises, at least two working days before the arranged inspection date.

If my clinic is operating in the same unit address with other Healthcare Institutions
f. I have provided MOH a copy of the floor plan clearly demarcating the rooms/areas under the management and control of the respective licensees. For common areas, one of the licensees must take full responsibility for these with the agreement of the other licensees.
g. I have provided a copy of the letter of agreement from the Tenant/Owner on my clinic's co-location with other HCIs
3. I have read and understood the Guide for Preparation of Medical & Dental clinics posted on the MOH eLA website.
4. My clinic premise is prepared according to the criteria listed in the "Guide for Preparation of Medical & Dental clinics".


1. I have completed the renovation of my clinic premises (i.e. all renovation, all cabinets, paint works, fixtures and fittings are fully completed on the day of inspection).
2. The sink for hand washing and disposable paper towels is made available in the consultation and treatment room.
3. Resuscitation facilities such as airviva, a range of airways i.e. different sizes, resuscitation drugs are made available. The three basic resuscitative drugs, Injection adrenaline, injection hydrocortisone and injection anti-histamine are made available. The resuscitation drugs including intravenous solution /set are within expiry date.
4. My clinic has stocked up at least 1 week supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all employed personnel in the clinic.
5. Thermometer and temperature recording records are available if vaccines are stored in the clinic.
6. Artwork of Signboard is available if the clinic signboard is not ready. Sample of the clinic stationary e.g. letterhead of all forms, patient's medical records & dispensary labels reflecting the proposed name and address of my clinic are available.
7. Patient register is available either in hard copy or electronic copy.
8. Sample of the patient's dispensary record showing name of patient, name of drug, dosage of drug and amount dispense is available.
9. The bio-hazard box for the disposal of sharps/needles is available.
10. Bill itemisation and the display of charges are available.
11. Relevant copies of National Environment Agency (NEA)'s licences (e.g R1, L3 and L5 etc) for reference during the time of inspection, if x-ray is provided at the clinic/premise. (R1 - Registration as a radiation worker , L3 - Application for a licence to keep or possess an irradiating apparatus for use other than sale, L5 - Application for a licence to use irradiating apparatus (other than sale)
12. I ensure that the Clinic Manager (Medical Doctor) or the Practicing Doctor is present during inspection.

Last updated on 1-Aug-2013